Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Interlaced Video

I hear people complaining of interlaced video, how it is inferior to the progressive technology and they wonder why we are still hanging on to the old technology.

The problem is progressive video is recorded at 30p at max which results in a not so smooth motion.

Granted devices nowadays can playback 1080/60p videos but the fact is even today recording and storing of 1080/60p video is a very big challenge. I am not aware of any consumer video camera that can do that (probably not even the pro models), It would take twice the space and twice the bandwith to make it all work.

If you are all crazy for the 'film look' then you have no reason to complain as the Blu Ray does play 1080/24p content but when it comes to smoothnes you really can't beat the fluidity of a 60p (or even 50p for the PAL world)  video.

Interlaced video when properly deinterlaced plays back to a full 1080/60p video with half the bandwidth requirement.

I am all for progressive but show me the technology to play a smooth progressive video source.

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