Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Open PGP Explorer (OPEx)

Tool to view Open PGP files

Security is import so it is necessary to understand what is going on with your PGP files, use the tool below to view your PGP file structure.

Download Open PGP Explorer
  • Validates signatures
  • Decrypt Secret Key to view the key material
  • Support for multiple Open PGP files for signature validation
  • Extract Open PGP encrypted Data


To decrypt a Public Key encrypted file

Add the files:
  1. Add the encrypted Open PGP file
  2. Add Open PGP Secret Key
Click Encrypted Secret Key node to decrypt the Secret Key

Click on the 'Encrypted Data' node to extract the public key encrypted data

Extract any embedded compressed packet

Finally extract the Literal packet

To Decrypt a Symmetrically Encrypted file 

The process is similar except that the public key is not required and a password prompt will be shown instead.

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